Pampered Pooch Pet Hotel

Your pets home away from home

Dogs with trainer


Daycare is a great opportunity for your pet to learn some basic social skills and tricks. We take your pet to our 1100 square foot indoor park for exercise, obedience training, and lots of fun and games. 

Our experienced staff separate dogs by size and personality to help ensure safe group dynamics. We encourage dogs to enroll in our dog training programs, but all of our staff make it a mission to keep the peace. 

We have Dog TV playing in the play area at all times.

You’ll be able to tell how much your pet loves daycare because you’ll come home to a more mellow and happy animal.

Daycare services

Half day 6hr max $25/$20

Full day $35/$28

5 day pass $135/$115 ($27/day)

10 day pass $250/$210 ($25/day)

20 day pass $480/$400 ($24/day) Unlimited Monthly $550 ($18/day)

Day Boarding

Private room for resting during the day

$35/$28 Half Day 5 hours

$45/$36 Single Day 8 hours

5 day pass $185 ($37/day)

10 day pass $350 ($35/day)

20 day pass $660 ($33/day) 

Daycare hours: 7am–7pm

•If not picked up by 8pm, we will have your dog checked in to boarding. Over night rate will be charged.

•Must pass temperament test!

•Dogs six months and older must be neutered/spayed

•Would like flea/tick preventative

Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

Overnight Boarding

All rooms includes daycare during the day. All rooms are checked hourly and will be cleaned as needed and while they are at play time. 

Fresh water at all times, 2 meals per day, and any pill based medication*. 

All indoors with air and heat. We are staffed 24/7.

Dog Room Rates:

4X5 Suite $50.00/$40.00

5X7.5 Deluxe Suite $60.00/$48.00 

Second rate is for additional dog at 20% discount while in same room.

All rates are subject to change and are $10 higher per dog during any holiday

Cat Room Rates:

Single Cat House $32.00

Double Cat House $42.00 ($52 for two cats)

Second rate is for additional dog at 20% discount while in same room.

All rates are subject to change and are $10 higher per dog during any holiday

Chihuahua Bath

Extra Pampering Add ons

*Cameras with online access to your dog/cat at all times

-$5 a day (upgrade by room not animal)

*Doggie Massage – 10-minute full body $5 to $10 per massage

- Great for joints, it prevents them from getting stiff or sore from resting or from a lot of play time. 

-Foot balm application $2.00 a day

* One on one play time - $5-$10 dollars per 20 minute with staff member 

* Dog TV played on personal TV 

 (upgrade per room not animal) $10 per day with a $50 cap

*Acana meal with treat ($5 per meal & Treat) ($1 per treat)

* Hotel meal $3 

* Peanut Butter kong (kong must be purchased) $3.00 per fill

*Turn down service: $15.00 a day 

(includes fresh blanket, bed time story and 5 mins relaxing massage).

Bottled water service: $3.00 per day 

*Lap time $5.00 for 20 minute session

*Frozen Treat - $3.00

*Daily brushing - $5.00

*All grooming services offered at price per breed. 

A bath is required after every 4 day stay.

White Cat



Dogs: Rabies, Dhppc (6 in 1), Bordetella 

Must have proof from vet

Strongly Recommended:

Every 6 months dewormed, monthly flea and tick prevention

What you can bring

Most importantly ALL Medicines and/or vitamins needed

Dogs food plus 3 days

Your dog’s favorite toy 

Non retractable lead and collar

All forms, updated shots, spay/nurtured cert, etc

Contact me to discuss the best indoor options for your pet.